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Bijoux Indiscrets

Durex Pleasure Cock Ring
£6.99 £5.59 20%
Toy Joy Knobbly Wobbly Rabbit Vibrator
£16.99 £13.59 20%
Durex XL Power Condoms 12 Pack
£19.49 £15.59 20%
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Bijoux Indiscrets Blind Passion Mask
Black satin eye mask...
£8.49 £6.79 20%
Bijoux Indiscrets Bliss Bliss Massage Gel
Bijoux Indiscrets brings you their fantastic massage gel...
£18.99 £15.19 20%
Bijoux Indiscrets Green Label Body Instruments of Pleasure Kit
Deep in the shadows, lives pure seduction. Do you dare?Elements of extreme sensuality with which to ..
£17.99 £14.39 20%
Bijoux Indiscrets Leather Burlesque Tassled Pasties
Transform yourself into a character of pure exuberance with Bijoux Indiscrets Burlesque Pasties. Lea..
£15.49 £12.39 20%
Bijoux Indiscrets Mimi Metallic Rhinestone Nipple Covers
Rhinestone nipple covers. Decorate your body with the most sensual glitter. Two pieces...
£9.50 £7.60 20%
Bijoux Indiscrets Pom Pom Feather Tickler
Discover new sensations with your delicate feather tickler. Feather tickler made with marabu feather..
£11.49 £9.19 20%
Bijoux Indiscrets Shhh  Satin Luxury Blindfold
Cover your eyes and unlock your most ardent and secret fantasies. Indulge yourselves with Shhh. Sati..
£15.49 £12.39 20%
Bijoux Indiscrets Silky Sensual Handcuffs
Soft and seriously sexy handcuffs to tie your lover up in knots..
£8.49 £6.79 20%
Bijoux Indiscrets Tickle Me Tickler
No Ken Dodd moment here from this beautiful black feather tickler Tickle someone you fancy today...
£7.99 £6.39 20%
Bijoux Indiscrets Za Za Zu Maribou Feather Handcuffs
Trap your lover in the softness of our handcuffs. Marabu feather handcuffs for the most playfull of ..
£15.49 £12.39 20%
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